Welcome to The Zeppulian

An online science fiction comedy serial novel, published in pieces as I write them


It starts with a spaceship, but not just any spaceship. The fastest and grandest ship in the galaxy, which boasts the greatest navigation drive in existence. A spaceship which was, uh, "stolen" by our heroes. Join them as they escape the clutches of space pirates, evade the grasp of the Ulion Intergalactic Council, and pick up some interesting crew members as they planet-hop along the way to a fabled lost planet.

A true work-in-progress, I'm writing this as I go along, so most of the twists and turns will be as much a surprise to me as they would be to you.

Hopefully, you’d like to read their adventures and have them play out in your mind as it translates text on a screen into completely real yet totally fictional hallucinations...




We're Back

After than a longer than expected hiatus (while I worked through this writer's block I had and planned the next stage of the story), the Zeppulian is back to weekly updates. 

If you like the story so far and would like to support it, please check out my Patreon page.