the Zeppulian Crew



Dark skinned humanoid from the planet Tur, a mostly wet planet covered in water with some islands scattered here and there. His people are amphibious, so Zo has gills which he likes to keep moisturised like most metroTurian males. Zo is a dreamer and big planner who doesn’t have time for little details like how to actually accomplish his big plans. So naturally it was his idea to steal the Zeppulian.


Fair skinned, brown haired humanoid from the bustling forest-city planet Lof. Qin was off-world as an ensign on a space freighter, where he bumped into Zo. Qin is always happy to go with the flow. In fact, he’s just happy. Happy to follow, happy to be, happy to please. He also has fold-away insectoid wings on his back which can fold out if he wants to fly but he doesn’t often get to use them.


Young wispish girl with a mysterious backstory. She has a tawny beige complexion, which bronzes when she blushes from under her dark brown hair, and boasts bold hazel eyes. Crack pilot who just seems to have it all together. Was frozen in cryogenic sleep until her escape pod crashed into the Zeppulian’s docking bay, jolting her awake. Not in a position to be choosy, Zo and Qin are just grateful to have someone who can actually fly the grandest spaceship in the galaxy.


A violet skinned Gortholin who thinks the same way as the rest of his species with no agency of his own. He speaks as though his voice is coming from another room, disassociated from his body or mind. He was beamed aboard the Zeppulian when the Gorlothin government all individually decide together to banish him. His eyes are a piercing yellow but lack any spark behind them. His violet skin is flawlessly perfect to the point of envy and tautly covers his rippling muscles.


A Phocida from the planet Qwark. Like the rest of her species, her body is covered in thin fur that is steel blue on her face and underbelly but bold green on her limbs and back. Her flat hands can also serve as flippers if she ever wanted to take a swim. Wears tight yet comfortable leggings, a simple practical skirt with a plain grey t-shirt draped over her torso. Enlisted Zo and Kara to help her issue a formal complaint against the Qwark Interplanetary Tourism Bureau’s fraudulent holo-brochures before joining the crew to see the universe.