Ylenol was an isolated planet which kept to itself. It could be found within the Arbeth system if one was inclined to find it although few people were. Not that there was anything wrong with Ylenol, it was a perfectly fine planet. Just isolated and out of the way. Most people don’t tend to go out of their way if they could help it and Ylenol was pretty much out of the way to most places that weren’t Ylenol.  As a people, the Ylenolese were a quiet folk and were great at scurrying out of the way. A reptilian species with scaly skin of different hues of green and soft yellow, they liked the warmth of the sun and feel of a cool rock in the shade like anyone else. However their quiet nature often belied an overt pompous attitude which became quite evident whenever they discussed how underground their favourite band was to anyone who would listen. To be fair, the planet did had a thriving music scene although it was quite underground and out of the way so most people didn’t know about it. It could be said that it was hard for people to hear about a thriving music scene when all the musicians hid themselves within deep underground caves. It was also entirely correct and the main reason it thrived. Ylenol was a peaceful planet for the most part since there wasn’t much to get worked up about when you’re out of the way and keep to yourself. For the other part, there was the occasional war over who had heard which band when and if a band was ever becoming too mainstream, by which it was meant that the band had dug too deeply and hit a stream of molten lava. The Ylenolese underground music scene was quite treacherous and often plagued by cave ins. The unusual importance given to their underground music scene was directly linked to one of the more distinctive features of Ylenol society, namely that music cultural capital was the only economic resource used on the planet. On Ylenol, the more less-known and underground a band you knew, the more wealthy you were. Such an intangible and snobby form of commerce made them completely insufferable to outsiders and was actually one of the reasons Ylenol was out of the way. Many standard sun-cycles ago, in a bid to ensure global economic growth and  increase their planet’s overall cultural capital, the Ylenolese had their planet moved out of the way so their bands could be even less known. It was a resounding success. No outsider could name even the most well-known Ylenolese band. Mostly because no one who wasn’t Ylenolese cared about their underground music scene or would even classify the sounds their musicians made as music.


As a result of moving their planet out of the way, Ylenol’s moon was quite far away since they hadn't thought to move it as well. Where their moon had once in ages past dominated the skyline of Ylenol, its every crater clear to see with the naked eye, it now occupied their night’s sky in a distant sort of way. However the Ylenolese liked their moon quite well enough, thank you very much, even though it was now quite a ways away. Due to its great distance from the planet, it wasn’t much of a moon now they all agreed but it was their moon and that made it worth something. Not worth much but something and that was enough. Since it was so far away from their planet, their moon barely exerted any discernable gravitational influence on Ylenol’s ocean tides. As a result the tides on Ylenol were very chill and often couldn’t be bothered to rise on schedule. And so their faraway moon hung distantly in the night’s sky, a constant little light in a dark lonely sky. Or at least it was until an errant blast deflected off a ship’s deflector shields and hit Ylenol’s moon completely destroying it.

The people of Ylenol despaired. It hadn’t been much of a moon since they had moved the planet but it had been theirs. And it had been taken away from them. Ylenolese society looked down on people taking away things from other people. They also disapproved the blowing up of natural satellites. It just didn’t sit well with them. It was also illegal which would have surprised anyone who visited Ylenol. It wasn't very common to find out that a planet had made it illegal to destroy their natural satellite - most planets didn’t have a law prohibiting the destruction of their moon since it was taken for granted that blowing up a moon wasn’t allowed. However sometimes being out of the way can have a strange effect on people. It certainly tended to result in more unusual laws getting passed than in places which weren’t so out of the way. And since it was illegal to destroy natural satellites on Ylenol, once the people of Ylenol got over their collective grief at the destruction of their faraway moon, their despair turned to rage and they wanted retribution. They needed someone to blame, to be hold accountable, to be be brought to justice. Their scientists banded together to discovered the trajectory of the disruptive blast which had caused the planetary crime of destroying their moon. They traced the blast’s residue energy trail back to the shield of a spaceship. A spaceship which was registered in the intergalactic vehicle registry but unknown to the people of Ylenol had recently been stolen off the planet Lozth. A spaceship called the Zeppulian, which rumour had it had just escaped the Neuzuan space pirate fleet. The people of Ylenol had no clue how to enforce their righteous justice on the crew of the Zeppulian. Following the Zeppulian’s rumoured escape from space pirates, its location and destination were unknown, although it was presumably somewhere in space.