The Zeppulian swerved. It swerved with a grace completely unbecoming of a ship its size. Its engines rejoiced that someone was steering the ship the way it was designed to be steered, not by random switch flicking or lever pulling. In the hands of a pilot who actually knew how to fly it, it was more than obvious why the Zeppulian was considered the grandest ship in the galaxy.

Pilot Zo

Zo was wondering what was taking Qin so long. Or he would have been wondered if he wasn’t trying to evade the Neuzan space pirate fleet which was steadily gaining on the Zeppulian. The space pirates were gaining far quicker than Zo would have liked, which wasn’t at all. Better yet he would have liked the pirates to be gaining on another ship which he didn’t happen to be on and struggling to pilot.


Kara awoke in darkness. At least she thought it was darkness. It sure seemed dark and she couldn’t see anything which usually meant an absence of light. But after a minute or two, her eyes reluctantly woke up and light slowly blurred its way into her vision. Vague shapes cautiously took form and grew sharper into focus until they resembled objects which made sense. It was then that she realised that she was in an escape pod which had escaped.