Qin picked himself off the elastic elevator floor. He wondered if he would meet someone new each time he went exploring the ship. It had happened the past two times and he didn’t want to start a trend although he did like meeting new people. As far as he knew only he and Zo had been aboard when they illegally acquired the Zeppulian off Lozth but maybe he had been wrong about that. It wouldn’t be the first time he would have been wrong nor would it be the last or even most recent. However, following his awkward unexpected meeting with Kara, Qin thought he got how this worked now.

“Hi there,” he warmly welcomed the unknown person standing in the corridor. The stowaway turned his head to face Qin. His violet skin was so flawless Qin felt like using moisturizer and face wash just by looking at him. It almost seemed unfair how perfect the stranger’s skin was, as though it shouldn’t be allowed and he was somehow getting away with something he shouldn’t be. As he turned, his movements were seamless and agile but seemed somehow delayed, as though operating on a signal from far away. His eyes were piercing yellow and catch Qin’s gaze immediately however they seemed to lack a certain spark behind them which belied their striking nature. After a split-second he replied,

Hello, nice to meet you

His words sounded as though they came from another room or the other side of the galaxy rather than right in front of Qin, completely disassociated from the mouth that said them. Like a ventriloquist whose timing was slightly off or a hologrammie with the audio not quite in sync with the mouthing of the words.

“What’s your name?” Qin questioned happily, although he felt a slight nagging feeling. A split-second wait.

My name is Bor

Again, the complete disassociation of word and body. And again Qin felt that nagging feeling nagging him. He brushed it aside. There were questions to be asked and answers to be had.

“Hi Bor, I’m Qin. So, um, how did you get here?” Qin started but before Bor could responded he added, “Wait, have you been on the ship since we left Lozth?” with inquisitive urgency.

I have never been on Lozth. I was home on Gorloth but now I am here. I am banished


Yes. We decided that I was too much of a worry and should be sent away. It was the right decision

“Uh, you wanted to be banished? I haven’t been banished myself but isn’t it something people aren’t supposed to like?”

If course I did. I really was too troubling to stay

Qin was slightly taken back by this. The stranger didn’t appear troubling to him, even if it was a bit off-putting how his words seemed to lag as though buffering as he was speaking. And then Qin realised that that is what had been nagging him. The stranger’s words didn’t sound like they were his own. They sounded like someone else's. As though he was merely a receiver repeating what someone else had said. And then there was the lack of a spark behind his striking yellow eyes, like a bright lampshade over a dull light no one thought to replace. Although Qin didn’t mind the eye thing too much since it wasn’t his business what went on behind someone’s eye. Qin didn’t mind most things since most things weren’t his business and he knew not to pry. Knowing how the Gorlothin interloper got on the Zeppulian however was something which was his business and so he continued to pry in his jovial way.

“Um, you didn’t really say how you got on the ship” Qin quizzically queried.

The Egalitarian Ministry had our scientists me beamed aboard through the ship's transpiration channel which was conveniently left open for teleportation. You might want to look into that

“Oh, I’m sure Zo or Kara could look into that,. I’ll be sure to bring it up with them, thanks for letting us know,” Qin thanked Bor earnestly. It was the only way he knew how to thank somebody.


Up to this point, Qin had some idea of where the conversation might go and what questions to ask. To be fair, it was only a rough idea and he hadn’t come up with a lot of questions to ask but it had been something. However the last time he unexpectedly had met someone on the Zeppulian a fleet of space pirates were on their tail and a conveniently timed blast derailed the awkwardness of that meeting. There wasn’t such a blast now and Qin wasn’t sure where to go from here. He studied Bor with bemusement. The Gorlothin didn’t appear to pose a threat and at this point had only spoke when spoken to, as though he could only react and not initiate conversation. While the rippling muscles under his utterly perfect skin were threatening, he made no indication that he meant to intimidate Qin by his impressive physique, impressive though it was. Qin wished Zo was here. Zo would know what to do. He’d fluster and balk initially but as soon as he accessed the situation and picked up on the details he understood, he’d know what to do. Not that it would necessarily be the right thing to do but it would be something and that often was enough. Enough for Qin to follow his lead in any case. And Kara seemed to know how to handle a situation judging by how she took charge in their escape from the Neuzuan space pirates.

“Let’s go to Zo and Kara,” Qin decided. Bor didn’t move but just stared at him expectedly. “They just up on the command bridge,” he added at Bor’s blank expected expression and motioned for him to come into the elevator. Bor hesitated as though waiting on some faraway signal but then stepped inside, his feet bouncing on the gelatinous floor. The elevator doors shut with a huff behind him, they were annoyed at having been held open this whole time. Qin was about to squish the button for the command bridge when he paused.

“You’re not, uh, going to randomly start attacking or something, are you?” he cautiously asked, slight concern passing over his cheerful face.

No. There is no plan for attack or something

“Fantastic. Just wanted to make sure. Let’s go,” Qin exhaled with enthusiasm. His finger squished the button and the elevator shot upwards with a speed somewhere between ‘hold on to something’ and ‘way too fast’.